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Are Your Holiday Gifts Safe?

Have you braved the holiday madness and finished all your holiday shopping? The holidays can bring complete chaos. From overcrowded mall parking lots and checkout lines 20 people deep, many Boston area residents have resided to online shopping. Although purchasing gifts online saves you from a bit of the madness, you’re still susceptible to receiving defective products. Keep track of recent product recalls to ensure the gifts you’re giving this holiday are safe!

If you or someone you love has been injured by a defective product in the Greater Boston area, contact our product liability attorneys at Taurus Law Group!

Recent Children’s Product Recalls

Although the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has reported a decline in toy recalls in the past few years, they are still something to be mindful of this holiday season. At Taurus Law Group, we want your family to be happy and healthy, which is why we’ve compiled a list of recent children’s product recalls you should be aware of.

  • Kona Wo Bicycles – Whether upgrading from a bike with training wheels or adding to a bike collection, bicycles make exciting holiday gifts! However, all 2014 Kona Wo bicycles with a charcoal black frame and silver decals pose a risk to a child’s safety. The bicycle fork—which is the part holding the wheel to the body—can crack or break, posing as a fall hazard to the rider.
  • Bueno by Contigo Kids Straw Tumblers – If you’re a frequent shopper at Meijer or Target retail stores, you may have seen these tumblers. There were eight styles being sold from May 2015 until September 2015 that have been recalled because a child chewing on the straw can cause small pieces to break off into the child’s mouth, posing a risk of ingestion or aspiration of the small part. If you’ve purchased one of these Bueno by Contigo tumblers, find out if yours is one of the ones being recalled.
  • Peanuts Flying Ace Ride-On Toys – This product recall involves Peanuts Flying Ace ride-on toys modeled after older style airplanes. It was sold exclusively at Target from July 2015 until August 2015. The toys are intended for children ages 12 months to two years which is why the fact that the toy’s blue hubcaps can detach from the wheel’s axle poses as a serious choking hazard.

Defective products are a serious issue, especially around the holidays. No one should have to go through any pain or suffering because of a company’s negligence. If there was no warning on the product or if the design made it dangerous for children, you have a defective product lawsuit.

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