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Hands-Free Devices are as Dangerous as Cell Phones

We’ve all been told to use a hands-free device instead of your cellphone while driving—but are these “safe” devices just as dangerous as an actual cellphone? Research suggests yes. Here’s the problem. Holding a conversation on a mobile device distracts your brain from whatever else you’re doing. Driving? Walking? It does not matter. Your attention is on the conversation, not on the task. What your hand is doing is irrelevant because your conversation is eating up all your your brain’s attention. Don’t risk your life for a phone call, avoid a car accident by hanging up the phone!

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Cell Phone Related Auto Accident Statistics

Hands-free devices do not make driving safer. If your mind is distracted, you’re endangering those around you. The National Safety Council has compiled statistics about how cell phones impact your driving.

  • Up to 90% of all car crashes are caused by driver error
  • About 26% of all car crashes involve the use of a cell phone—including hands-free
  • At any moment, 9% of drivers are talking on cell phones
  • Drivers can miss seeing up to 50% of their surrounding by talking on the phone
  • Activity in the area of the brain that processes moving images decreases by up to 1/3 when listening to a phone call

Both hands-free devices and cell phones are equally dangerous when operating a motor vehicle. If you’ve been involved in an accident due to someone’s negligence, you have a lawsuit on your hands! Contact Taurus Law Group today!

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