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Prescription Drug Injury Lawyers in Boston

When you’re sick or injured, you rely on the guidance of a doctor to bring you back to health. Often, you’re given some type of antibiotic or vaccine that is supposed to fight off your illness. But some medications prescribed by doctors can do more harm than good—leaving you in worse shape than where you started.

Although most drugs are meant to help cure diseases and regulate our lives, many big pharmaceutical companies are out for money, so some new drugs are introduced to market without knowledge of their long-term effects. More often than not, investigations find that the pharmaceutical company knew or should have known of the dangers their product posed to those who used them—which means you have a drug injury claim on your hands!

If you or someone you love took a prescription drug in the Boston area that caused serious harm or caused you to develop a life-long medical condition—you need the prescription drug injury attorneys at Taurus Law Group. We want to help you file your drug injury claim to get compensated for your pain, suffering, and injury-related expenses.

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Drugs That Cause Health Problems

The following list of prescribed medication has been link to serious drug injuries. If you have taken any of these drugs and have developed serious medical conditions, call us immediately.

  • Actos®
  • Androgel®
  • Any antidepressant
  • Celexa®
  • Cymbalta®
  • Diabetes drugs such as Byetta®, Janumet®, and Victoza®
  • Fosamax®
  • GranuFlo® and NaturaLyte®
  • Invokana®
  • Lexapro®
  • Lipitor®
  • Pradaxa®
  • Prozac®
  • Risperdal®
  • Topamax®
  • Viagra®
  • Xarelto®
  • Zofran®

Common Drug Injuries in Boston

Taurus Law Group has experience helping those who have suffered from negative drug side effects, including:

  • Birth defects
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular injuries
  • Depression and suicide
  • Diabetes

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Don’t let the big drug companies intimidate you. You have rights, and the drug and medication injury attorneys at Taurus Law Group will help alleviate some of the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. That’s the Taurus Promise!

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