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Construction Site Accident FAQ

Should I consult an attorney to discuss my construction injury claim?

Definitely. Your claim may involve complex issues concerning party liability, compliance with safety regulations, engineering, and indemnity. An attorney who is experienced in the area of construction accident liability will make sure that you receive the legal remedy to which you are entitled. CALL US NOW!

What are my options when injured in a construction accident?

In order to file a claim for injuries sustained in a construction accident while working, the injured party MUST be on the pay roll. A claim for your injuries can be filed under worker’s compensation for medical treatment coverage and reimbursement of lost wages.

Are all on-the-job injuries covered by worker’s compensation?

Yes, most of the claims are paid by worker’s compensation. The worker’s compensation system is designed to provide benefits to injured workers no matter whether an injury is caused by the employer’s or employee’s negligence.

If I am injured in a construction site can I get more than just worker’s compensation?

Yes. Often other parties are legally responsible for your injuries, including third-party contractors, property owners, or equipment manufacturers. Your recovery from those parties will not be affected by worker’s compensation laws.

Is there a time limit to file my case?

Yes. Each state has a filing deadline for individual types of civil cases, called the statute of limitation. You must file your case before the statute of limitation ends. In Massachusetts, the statute of limitations for worker’s comp is four (4) years. This is why it is important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible after your injury.