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Frequently Asked Personal Injury Questions in Boston

At Taurus Law Group, our clients are our top priority! We understand how stressful the legal process can be—which is why Taurus Law Group goes the extra mile to make this process as easy as possible for you! In order to accomplish this, we’ve answered the most common personal injury law questions asked by our clients.

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What Are Your Legal Fees?

The attorneys at Taurus Law Group work on a contingent fee basis, which means that there are no upfront attorneys’ fees charged to our clients. We charge NO FEES unless we get a settlement. In most cases, we also pay all of the out-of-pocket costs associated with the case. These costs are typically repaid out of any settlement or judgment we achieve.

Why Do I Need an Attorney for My Personal Injury Case in Boston?

A good legal team on your side is very important when it comes to protecting your interests and negotiating your case. Insurance companies and their adjusters are not looking out for your best interest. No matter how friendly and understanding they might be the offer for your pain and suffering will always be less than when you have an attorney on your side. Get the right team on your side! Contact us today!

How Much is My Case Worth?

Every case is different and the value of your case depends on your injuries, treatment and how these injuries affected your life. Our office will follow your treatment closely to accurately report all your pain and suffering when negotiating your case.

Should I Talk to Insurance Companies?

NO, we advise all of our clients to not talk to the insurance companies. Often they try to take recorded or written statements that might be used against you as your case progresses. Do not talk to the insurance companies unless you have consulted with an attorney.

Do I Need a Lawyer If I Was in a Motor Vehicle Accident in Massachusetts?

If you were injured and believe you were not at fault in causing a motor vehicle accident (including car, truck, motorcycle, MBTA, or pedestrian accident), you may need a lawyer to investigate the accident and help determine whether or not you have a case of negligence against one or more of the other drivers. If you do, you may want to engage the lawyer to pursue your legal claims against the negligent driver.

How Can an Attorney Build My Case?

1. Ensuring Clear Liability

Getting all the facts and ensuring that liability is clear from the beginning is a key factor in your case. Your Attorney will work with the insurance companies and their adjusters to establish clear liability and discuss all the facts of your case. Clear liability will help avoid any extra rental fees and will facilitate the negotiation process in the future.

2. Monitoring Your Medical Treatment and Improvement

Following your treatment and improvement is a crucial part of your case. All of your pain and suffering will be documented in your medical records as well as in our bi-weekly calls. Our goal is for you to feel better and get all the medical treatment that you need to reach maximum medical improvement. In the meantime, we can guide you through the different stages and explain how the decisions you make will affect you in the future.

3. Preparing the Demand

Once you have reached maximum medical improvement, all of your outstanding records and bills will be collected to prepare the demand for your case. All of the above mentioned factors will be included in the demand that will be sent to the insurance company.

4. Negotiating Your Case and Medical Liens

After the demand has been reviewed by the assigned adjuster and the negotiation process begins, the attorney will also make sure that all outstanding medical liens are negotiated before an offer is accepted.

Contact Taurus Law Group—Boston’s Personal Injury Attorneys

We want you to feel secure in all your personal injury decisions. If you have additional questions about personal injury claims, contact or call our experienced attorneys today! We will answer all of your questions and guide you through every step of the process. We’re not happy until you’re happy.

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