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Slip and Fall Injury FAQ

What is a slip & fall accident?

Slip and fall describes the type of injury suffered on someone else’s property as a result of a defect, slippery substance, or other dangerous condition. These injuries commonly occur at supermarkets and restaurants. They can also occur when inadequate steps are taken to remove ice and snow from sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots.

Who is responsible for a slip and fall accident? The owner or the person injured?

The general rule of law is that the owner or operator of the premises has a duty to keep the premises in reasonably safe condition or at least warn individuals of dangerous conditions of which the owner or possessor of the land either caused, knew about, or should have known about.

I fell at someone’s house and was injured. Is the homeowner responsible for my injuries?

Yes, the homeowner is responsible. If your injuries were the result of the homeowner’s negligence, the common approach is to file a claim against the homeowner’s insurance.

Shouldn’t I just save myself the money I’d pay in attorney’s fees and go through the insurance company to get paid for my slip and fall accident?

Not if you want to receive the maximum amount of compensation to which you’re entitled. Insurance companies do their best to minimize the amount of money they pay out in injury cases. That’s why you should never give a recorded statement or sign any insurance company papers without first consulting an attorney.

If I am injured in a slip & fall accident, who will pay my medical expenses?

Most businesses have general liability policies that contain a medical payments provision to cover at least some of your medical bills. Homeowner’s policies also carry medical payments provisions, which will pay for some of your medical expenses. If the limits of those policies are exhausted or they are not available for some reason, then a person can look to their own health insurance policies to cover any medical expenses.