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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in the Boston Area

Were you injured on the job? Were you out of work for months without earning a paycheck? If you suffered an injury while at the office, construction site, or any other work environment, you have legal rights, and you should be compensated for lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses while you were out of work.

Taurus Law Group’s experienced team of workers’ compensation attorneys in Beverly, MA will get you the benefits you need and deserve. We’ll help you every step of the way, from filing a worker’s comp claim to fighting the insurance companies who will stop at nothing to deny you payment.

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Who Is Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

If you were injured at work in the Greater Boston area, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits regardless of who is at fault. Massachusetts’ workers’ compensation laws deem your employer responsible for any and all on-the-job accidents resulting in injury.

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to receive workers compensation benefits for any medical care you’ve received, permanent loss of bodily functions or scarring, and lost wages. If your work-related injury prevents you from working for six or more days, you may receive 60 percent of your gross weekly pay. Our Boston workers’ compensation lawyers can provide you with more information on your eligibility once we determine the specifics of your case.

Remember, documentation is crucial, so you must keep all paperwork, medical records, and appointments to use for your case.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Our lawyers at Taurus Law Group have experience with all types of personal injury law. In particular, we have extensive practice working on the following workers’ compensation claims:

  • Overexertion – Often occurring from construction or jobs involving physical labor, this injury happens when a muscle is pulled or a joint is forced to move beyond its typical range of motion.
  • Slip and fall – Many of the slip and fall claims arise from workers slipping on wet floors around the workplace. It’s the law for your property manager to warn you about dangerous situations!
  • Struck by object – Office workers, restaurant employees, and retail workers all risk being struck by items falling off shelves or being dropped from one level to another.
  • Highway incident – Particularly in the cases of truck drivers, one of the top causes of injury is an accident while driving for business on the roadway.
  • And more!

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If you have been injured at work in any industry in the Boston area, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation. No matter who is at fault, Taurus Law Group in Beverly, MA can help you begin the recovery process by getting your settlement fast—that’s the Taurus Promise!

Taurus Law Group’s experienced workers’ compensation lawyers know the federal workers’ compensation law inside and out, so you know you will have the best representation available. You need Boston’s most trusted attorneys on your side!

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